How to Make Cutlets ?


– 10 grams of oregano.
– Grated cheese or cheese for grating.
– Bread crumbs.
– Sal
– 3 eggs.
– Oil.
– Meat, beef rump (ask the butcher to the finely cut and thick).

Preparing the chicken
1. Beat 3 eggs and pour into a bowl.
Two. Grated cheese added to the mixture.
Three. Add a pinch of oregano and salt to the mixture.
April. In another bowl pour the breadcrumbs.
May. First pass each piece of meat in the mixture and then pass the bread crumbs.
June. The meat has to be covered by the breadcrumbs in a way that is completely battered.
July. Doing this with all the chicken.

– Pour oil in the pan.
– Warm up the oil for about 3 minutes.
– Put the chicken in the pan.
– Turn every Milanese for 2 minutes.
– The cooking time is about 2 minutes per Milanese (Depending on the thickness of the meat).

Note: After cooking the chicken agregarles lemon, this serves to drive away all the fat thereof oil.