How To Make Crepes ?

Then to make our crepes we take a little butter (like the tip of a knife) and let it spread throughout the bottom of the pan. And then a small scoop we throw a portion of dough sufficient to extend a movement that is shared pan across the pan surface uniformly.  It’ll take a lot of dough because our crepes have to be finite.

We will know the dough is cooked because the pancakes will fall off easily from the pan. When they start to brown on one side, i will give you the return we will remove it from the pan when browned on both sides.  We will do this until we finish the dough.

Once all the crepes have to decide how those will fill. If we have made with sugar, we can fill them with:
– Jam of different flavors
– Chocolate syrup
– Fruit compote
– Cream
– Angel hair
– Egg Yarn
– etc.

If we have done our crepes without sugar, we can fill them with:
– Tuna Pate
– Greaves
– Garlic prawns
– etc.