How to make Christmas angels with pasta

Wait for the glue to dry and then continue to attack other types of pasta. With two cellentani are going to form the arms of the little angel, while the pasta format butterfly wings that will be, you are going to stick on the back of the figure which has now taken shape.
Once you are well solidified everything, cover with glue all over the head, except the part where you drew the face of the little angel and proceed to attack the paste over the entire surface format fingering that will form the hair.
Finally go to attack the pasta format starlets all around the base of the rigatone that constitutes the body dell’angioletto. At this point you just need to paint the angel made ​​with various sizes of dough with spray paint.
You can use the little angels so made or putting several next to each other to decorate the corner of a piece of furniture or simply by inserting a golden ribbon in a fingering that act as hair, and use them as decoration for the Christmas tree.