How to Make Cheese ?

Before preparing the cheese, we make sure we have all these elements.
Items needed
1 pot of 6 liters.
1 pot 2 liter.
1 container for 1 kilo of cheese.
Two pieces of cotton fabric, 50 x 50 cm.
Wooden spoon, cup, knife and a piece of elastic.
Recipe ingredients

5 liters of whole milk.
1 tsp calcium chloride.
Rennet liquid, powder or tablet.
½ cup water.
– In ¼ cup of water to dissolve the sodium chloride, and añadírselo slowly, slowly warm milk apart, dilute the rennet in the remaining water and add it also to milk, mixing with a spoon.
– Milk is removed from the fire before it reaches its first boil and empties in 6-liter container and let rest about 15 minutes until the curd is formed. When the curd is already formed, it is cut into cubes of about 2 cm square.
– We place the cloth over the mouth of the pot, adjust with an elastic, and it put the curd cubes. Pressure is applied (with a spoon or by hand) to remove serum. Then, remove the elastic (the fabric carefully and curd falling into the pot), it forms a pouch or bag with fabric (with curd inside), and pressed again, to completely remove whole serum.

Now, put what’s left in the fabric in 2-quart saucepan. You add salt, herbs to taste and mix with hands until well blended, similar to a fine and uniform mass.
In the mold extend another cloth, and pour over dough achieved. Press with your hands to take the shape of the mold and cover with excess fabric. Let rest about 5-10 minutes.
Unmold removing the cloth around the cheese. Were kept in the refrigerator for about 15 days. Do not forget putting on the date of preparation.
With this amount of ingredient is achieved prepare half a kilo of cheese. If you want more just to scale up the ingredients. The processing time is usually about two hours in total.

– To achieve a cheese much more nutritious and economical, not to use the milk sold in shops. Going to a dairy with health checks and acquire directly a rich whole pasteurized milk.
– Sodium chloride is obtained in drugstores and rennet liquid, powder or pills in bakeries or drugstores.
– The fresh herbs are incorporated individual taste can be thyme, oregano, basil , Or a bouquet of herbs.
– If cheese gets hard, can be used for grating.
– The serum can be used to repair leftover ricotta.