How to Make Apple Diet ?

In addition to start your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with an apple, meals will help you better include chicken or turkey (skinless baked or grilled grilled), the lean meats, vegetables, other fruits , yogurt and low-fat cheeses, eggs, oat flour instead of refined white and brown rice instead of white.

Advantages and disadvantages of apple diet
Apples contain fiber that help you eat less, and collaborate to reduce the levels of cholesterol blood. They also contain flavonoids that prevent heart disease, stroke, and are proven to reduce the risk of developing various cancers. They provide minerals, vitamins and nutrients beneficial to the whole organism.

The disadvantages of apple diet may be the rapid boredom, something that can be improved by varying the dishes that accompany every meal. Apples also may vary between red and green, but always be eaten fresh.

It is recommended to follow five days, and then take a break of two months or more, up to you. Remember to always consult your doctor or nutritionist before enjoying its enormous benefits.