How to learn to dress: Style Guide and basic tricks

Banish sneakers in your closet (or use them only for sports). They are probably more footwear impoverishes the look of a person who tries to dress well. Get used to the shoes, boots and sandals, depending on the season.
Dare with accessories: belts, necklaces, earrings, tiaras … Sometimes the difference between a normal one look carefully and put it accessories. Just do not overdo it and make sure that the chosen go well with the clothes you wear on.

Try not to limit yourself to buy the same type of pieces every season. Even though you know that you favor, from time to time is good risk and tested different brands, such as fads. Surely you will not convince many, but others you will like and give fresh air to your look. Innovate (small or large) is also important to learn how to dress.