How To Get Strong Bones?

In Spain, up to 70% of total dietary calcium intake comes from milk and its derivatives. Other foods rich in calcium include almonds and other nuts, oily fish and some small fish, such as whitebait or anchovies ingested with rasps, octopus, some vegetables such as chard, cardoons, lettuce, escarole, endive, spinach or turnip greens.

The role of vitamin D
For calcium in the bones can be fixed needs vitamin D. One of the main sources of this vitamin comes from sun exposure, but also can be found in foods such as oily fish, butter, eggs and dairy products fortified with vitamin D.It is advisable to combine the two sources of vitamin D and, in the case of the sun, not abuse it in summer, especially during the hours of greatest intensity of UVA rays (12 to 16 hours).

Get strong bones
1. Balanced Diet. Ensure intake of at least 1,000 mg of calcium and 800 IU of vitamin D per day in women and men over 50 years. Should take on all dairy (milk, yogurt and cheese). Other calcium-rich foods are oily fish and some nuts and vegetables.

2. Physical activity.’s Recommended practice it regularly, especially those with resistance exercises (by contact with a solid surface such as soil) as walking or gentle sport.

3. Sun exposure. Sunbathing 10-15 minutes a day in arms, face and neck (avoiding the rush hours) is enough to have good levels of vitamin D in the blood helping to ensure good bone calcification.

4. Healthy lifestyle. Reducing or eliminating the consumption of snuff and alcohol will help us feel better and have good bone health.