How to find my lost mobile phone

Another option is solid freemium Lookout Security & Antivirus by Lookout Mobile Security . This complete security suite protects your phone against loss or theft, as well as provide continuous protection against a variety of unpleasant bits inline code.
For $ 3 a month (or $ 30 a year), you get antivirus service, backup and restoration to save and reload Google contacts, photos and call history, and a strip of options anti-theft. In addition to the standard map-based location, tracking and forced calling features, Lookout also offers Signal Flare , which holds the last known location of the phone when the battery dies, and blocking Cam Lock , sends you a picture of anyone who incorrectly enter three times the screen unlock.

How to find my lost mobile phone

Plan B
Plan B is installed remotely. First, open a browser window and log into Google Play. Install the app on your phone through Play, waits ten minutes to download and install, then sends a text message “locate” to your number from another phone. The application triangulates your position based on signals from GPS and Wi-Fi and send you one email if it is still, or more continuously with an interval of 10 minutes, if the device is moving. Just follow texting “locate” until you find it (and hope that the battery still lasts).

Apple – iOS
Find My iPhone
The original service tracking lost mobile iOS is still the best option. Find My iPhone , free app, locates and tracks your stolen or lost device. Not just for iPhones and iPads, but also for MacBooks. Besides making Sonlar the device displays a message if found, and block or erase the device remotely completely. The app is free on iTunes.

For a slightly more advanced protection, GadgetTrak offers GPS location tracking remotely activated, force notifications to trick the thief to give his position, and has the ability to use the lost phone camera to take a picture of who took it from the comfort of your home. It will cost $ 4, but that’s nothing compared to a new phone.
For any brand of phone
I Can not Find My Phone
Not all situations in which the phone is lost requiring an application, sometimes just do not know what you’ve got pocket. Open in a new browser window, enter your phone number in the text field, and the site will automatically call your mobile. Just pray you have not stopped in silent mode. Where’s My Cell Phone performs a similar function as well. Both are platform independent.

This service is a little more remote possibility, but is, in fact, a universal service “lost & found” for smartphones. If you know the IMEI of your lost (often found in the back of your device or your battery, or by dialing * # 06 # to send it you), you can register here and hope that you find strange mobile know what it is.

Some tips to prevent the loss of expensive mobile phone
For more useful than are the apps, the best chance of success comes even before losing the phone first.
Connecting people : Put your contact information somewhere on your phone easily visible. It can be your email address engraved on the back or to display on the lock screen (not much good if the battery dies), or both, you increase the chances of recovering the phone if the finder has the means to contact you.
Uses a drunken phone : do you have an old phone out there? Do not throw it. Instead, you can use it to party, and if you lose just to recover the SIM card. This way your friends can still call you, but if you lose it not so much as losing your expensive smartphone.
Unfortunately there is no perfect solution to recover a lost phone. Applications and techniques described above will give you the chance to fight for his recovery, but it is best not to lose it in the first place, of course.