How to Exercise for Cellulite ?

The best exercises to combat and prevent cellulite are those that require no more weight than the body itself, but some people prefer to raise the intensity of your workout by adding extra weight with the use of dumbbells, weights and belts rather light. Remember that you want to build muscle here, but burn fat , So that the repetition of the sessions and regular practice will be much more effective at eliminating cellulite Occasional exercise that added weight.
Simple exercises to fight cellulite
To combat cellulite on the back of the legs, buttocks, abs and other areas, it is recommended to create a full session including:

Squats and sit open: Spread your legs and back straight, bend your knees and bring your buttocks down and up

Deadweight leaves legs slightly apart and straight, while taking a bar or light weight and take to the floor with arms stretched, raising and lowering

Lunges: take one leg forward and bend the knee, bringing your body weight on that leg, then switch tip

Crosslinking of legs: Lie on your side you raise the leg that is left underneath, doing work the inner thigh area

Full Abductions: Lie on your side, straight leg raises that has been at the top.

Remember to routines two to three cycles each session, and ten repetitions per cycle, leaving about a minute rest between each cycle. Workout begins with a warm-up area or the entire body, and always finalĂ­zalo stretching and stretching.