How to eliminate dark circles

Eliminate dark circles with creams
If you are looking for help from creams then it is important to buy the appropriate ones for the eye, on which must be specified that also work as a remedy for dark circles. Usually these creams make use of natural substances that essentially serve to strengthen the capillaries under the eyes.

Eliminate dark circles with the “DIY remedies”
There are several remedies dark circles that we can make it at home:

Cucumbers: The simplest and most common is to let it rest in the freezer two slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes for a few minutes.
Potatoes and cucumbers: Another remedy is to lay two slices of potatoes before and after two slices of cucumber. Before doing so it is advisable to clean the eye with a cotton ball soaked in olive oil or chamomile cold.
  Infusions: Finally, to eliminate dark circles , we can create a hot water infusion joining mallow, rosemary and rose petals. Once cooled the mixture should be filtered through gauze and apply it on the eyes, cellulose wadding or cotton pads.