how to draw cartoon Faces

In some drawings (mostly humorous) you draw a circle or an oval. In other not drawn (only draw a dot for the pupil). Simpsons Mort and Filemon Tintin The whites of the eyes can be colored in various ways depending on the type of drawing. In realistic drawing goes blank (or a similar color depending on the lighting) and darker shaded areas (under the upper lashes and in the most remote of the iris). In comics, manga and cartoons is a white area may become even more red if the face is angry or sick. Rafa Navarro Ben 10 Spongebob

EyebrowsEyelashes As eyebrows, but are formed by individual hairs, it is best to draw them as darker areas and draw only a few hairs or spikes. They are much more abundant in the upper eyelid and the outer zone. The girls tend to have more long eyelashes and more. Some are darker than the rest of the face but as a small difference usually are colored the same color. They usually have one or more fold lines, especially in the upper eyelid.

Volume has a very complex, so it is hard to draw. Also contributes very little to expressions. So in most comics, manga and cartoons is represented by one or two lines or a shadow. Ben 10

The big noses give comic look so used in drawing humorous.As the nose, has a complex volume but is very important in the expression of emotions. To simplify you can draw only the line of the lips. Sometimes also draw the corners, the folding that occurs at the ends of the mouth. The corner means smile.

It is by far the most complex part of a head. This consists of tens of thousands of items, and each with its own color and curve.

For being so complex 3D drawings in hair is one of the most difficult to do. Monsters, Inc. The Incredibles In many cases choose to create a unique hair mass. Or pick to reduce the number of units that should be encouraged.

If by drawing individual hairs are drawn parallel (same direction), equidistant (the same separation between each) and of the same length and thickness, the result is not natural.

real lashes are of different sizes, different thicknesses and different direction (not completely parallel.) In many eyelash mascara ads no trick, if not deception. lashes first real show (different size, thickness and direction). After eyelashes longer and denser. Supposedly they are the same tabs with mascara but it is announced that the tabs are far more consistent (same size, thickness and direction). Are false eyelashes or retouched by computer.

All of the girls tend to be more regular and fine.
They are very important to express emotions. Are you down with the tiredness, high with surprise. With the internal parts with higher and lower sadness and anger together with.

As in hair and eyelashes uncooked consist of many hairs is better to draw them as a single area and draw individual hairs or split ends.
They are slightly longer than the eyes, especially on the outside (to the right of the right eye and left of the left eye) and are usually thicker in the inner area. They usually draw like hair strands or groups of more or less large. For a very detailed drawing drawn first volumes of each group (they fit, considers how and given volume) and then individual hairs are drawn.