How to do zombie makeup

This tutorial can be used to see how to make a wound with silicone paper.

To get a dull and dirty appearance (the zombies are not particularly neat), it is best to apply a light foundation or gray and then simulate dark circles, blemishes, veins … everything you can think of. These shades are available in any costume shop and usually cost, separately, more than 3 or 4 euros (depends on quality).

It is important not to focus only on the face. All body parts that are visible must have the same makeup treatment.

Three. HAIR

It is not necessary to go disheveled, but it helps. Zombies do not shower and not combing. Short hair or long hair tousled and lacquer carded abundance can help give a more macabre.

April. BLOOD

The wide range of makeup for costumes is only comparable to that of artificial blood. Since tubes for two euros to pint bottles of around 30. The more or less dense, so it would be interesting to use two types to make it more realistic.

The more compact blood can be used for wounds and liquid for details such as the lips or surrounding areas ‘most damaged’. To give more realism, you can use a toothbrush as a diffuser on wounds or clothing.


Probably the most distinctive feature of the zombies are your eyes. Thanks to fancy lenses, not complicated mimic that look with the pupil in the middle of a completely white iris. There are many online stores that specialize in this type of product and for 25 euros can send them to you home. They can also be found at costume shops and opticians.


Finally, it is essential to create appropriate attire. The simplest is to look for old clothes and rip it, make cuts and stain it. Clothing should be filled with blood (it is never excessive, especially at the neck of the shirt or dress).

Another trick that will make real mud disguise is used especially in shoes. Beyond this, each zombie has a story behind it, so you can have imagination and think about the moment when your ‘zombie’ became to add details to the costume (if I was sleeping, working, on the beach …) .

And if you want to check whether it has been achieved, you can go out and find some neighbors …