How to Discuss a healthy way

No insulting
Never insult during a fight . Insults only lead to more insults, and a consequent degradation of the other and shows disrespect.

No cause reactions
If you know that certain words or attitudes greatly annoy your partner, do not provoke your anger that end in insults and reproaches. If they are talking about “hot” issues should do so with caution.

Use quietly and breathe
Do not yell at your partner, instead, breathe deeply and speaks quietly. Leveling your voice and breathing will help you control yourself in your words and arguments.

Not argue anywhere
A discussion partner is only two, so it is not healthy to involve other people such as parents, siblings and children, among others. Do not bring the level to fight anywhere else does not have to be witnesses or part of it.

No return to old arguments
Review past disagreements only reduce the possibility of resolving the current, plus added emotional stress. Just focus on discussing the issue afflicting the couple at the time, and not get old dirty laundry.

Beware the written word
The words are gone with the wind, but if written in a text message, a note or e-mail, it is unlikely to happen. Reread and check your messages before sending them, then there will be no turning back.