How To Decorate Home From all the World Without Leave ?

Rio de Janeiro

We sipping coffee in one of the above cities, Rio de Janeiro. But this time the hand of a Portuguese company, Vista Alegre. they also took some time series ‘Soul’, dedicated to different cities. The first to be honored are Lisbon and Porto.
A little over a year appeared ‘Alma Madrid’, in which he is portrayed typical streets and establishments: the Gran Via, the vicinity of the Plaza Mayor, the Retiro, the Rastro and taverns, as well as the Bear and the Arbutus.The artist responsible for making the illustrations was the Brazilian Beatriz Lamanna.
The ‘Soul’ latest signing was Rio de Janeiro. Plates, cups of coffee and mocha, bowls and pitchers with beautiful silhouettes homenajean such landmarks of the city such as the Corcovado or the spectacular beaches of the city.


If you aspired to go that far and you conformabas to know-or re-visit the city of lights, Paris is at your fingertips with a few items that go on sale in tidbits of Agnes. We like the set Le Bistro de Paris This family consists of a nice vintage design tray, melamine realziada, a metal napkin holder, or a ceramic mug. All decorated with Eiffel Tower, of course, and some chairs typical of a street café in the French capital.

We ended up in London, because it is an exciting city. And because the proposed PortobelloStreet has seemed really appealing. This is a shelf or rather a showcase, with the shape of a typical London phone booth.
It measures about five feet in height, is red (could not be otherwise), made from MDF and pine wood and painted glass. Rather than get inside to make a call (or to lower the wizarding world of Harry Potter), you can save on it the dishes or glassware. Funny, right?