How to create video with Santa Claus

With Kringl , since you can create videos with Santa Claus that is haunting the rooms of your home and put the package under the Christmas tree. Yes you read right, you can show your children that it was Santa Claus to bring them gifts and liked to have milk and cookies left there to warm up.

Use the app to create videos with Santa Claus is a real no-brainer. After downloading the application, you must select one of the scenes and proposals below, choose the size that it must have, in the video that you are going to realize, the character of Santa Claus so that the proportions of the room in your home and Santa Claus are right.

At this point you need with your smartphone to frame the room in your home where you want to set both the movie with Santa Claus and press Next , then proceed to adjust the brightness of the movie depending on the lighting environment in which you find yourself again and press Next .

There is nothing left to do but to make sure that the figure of Santa Claus is in line with the floor of the room scene of the movie, and press the red ball making sure to keep your smartphone firmly for 10 seconds .

Have you seen that thanks to Kringl how to create video with Santa Claus is very simple and in this Christmas season, with its use can, in addition to surprise and to live a great joy and a dream for your children, it can make happy many others less fortunate by doing a good deed for the sick children of Make-A-Wish Canada with a small donation of your choice.