How to Create Spectacular Pots and Planters?

2) Lands with peat: lighter and easier to use than the above, are a good choice for herbaceous plants.

3) peat substitutes Lands: These lands based on bark, coconut fiber or other organic waste matter. Se usan del mismo modo que las tierras de turba. They are used just as peatlands.

Containers for planting
Although the traditional technique of adding pieces of broken pots to the bottom of Cabrera is not needed, whether to plant trees or shrubs too heavy, a dense layer of stones will improve stability.
If you are planting shallow-rooted species in a deep bowl, can sahorrarte land and reduce the weight of it filling the bottom third with shavings of polystyrene (foam).
In small containers, which are more prone to dry, weigh the option of using special soil for hanging baskets, containing a wetting agent to help water soak.

Planting large specimens
A useful technique that will save you a lot of effort to plant a specimen is to partially fill the container with soil.Take the pot where the plant will be located and brought to the place where you will plant, making sure it is at the correct height. Then, the ground is pressed as a template for the rootball of the plant.

Also, remove the empty pot and the plant slips into position. Then the soil is said to eliminate slightly airbags, covered with soil and watered well.

Finally, the surface is covered with large stones to make attractive ornamental effect . The extra weight also helps to specimen remains in position.