How to Control Your Expenses ?

3. Sell ​​what you do not need. It’s time to clean up and dispose of everything you no longer use, and can be useful to others. Test sites thrift as or .

4. Make a list of what you want to buy. In this way, you will notice you can remove and what is really important

5. Transportation. If the car you indispensable to your work, one option is to have a second hand, you can buy looking at sites like carmudi . You can also choose to share the car on trips, or better yet, use public transport or alternative means such as cycling. In addition, it will help you be more active and fit.

6. Caprichos. Come home whenever possible and so the weekend can sign your favorite plans. Also, try to always carry cash right and leaves the card at home to avoid surprises by checking your bank account.

7. Discounts for all. Every day more and more people are joining the search for online offers (restaurants, cinema, gym, spa, adventure). Discount coupons are hot and you save on travel. Check out Groupon in your country and see what we talked about.

8. Save on paper. If you get a special event like a birthday, you can make use of new technologies and congratulate or send online invitations. The planet will thank you and your pocket too.

9. Hire a flat rate internet at home and on the phone. The possibilities are endless. Besides being able to navigate to find information, get in touch with your friends and family or watch your favorite, you can save on calls and messages through free applications like WhatsApp and Viber.

10. Summer and winter: In Summer, if you have air conditioning, use a temperature limiter and opts for a refreshing shower or a good ice cream. In winter, low heating and wrap up. Besides saving, environmental aid, and we assure you that you will survive.