How to control termites

Avoid using non-organic fertilizers, because these make it appear soft tissue and termites grow increasingly feeding them.

Find where you created the mound and tries to remove the queen breaking it. If you decide to do it, which is understandable, call a professional to remove pests.

Another option to eliminate termites, is to cheat with natural wood chips, bait and boric acid, which you can find at any pharmacy, place them where you have seen termites, so, they will eat the wood chips and die when instant by boric acid, since this causes a shock to your system.

Other alternatives for termite
In the case of very large infestation, call a professional to treat the house giving warmth. When the temperature rises to 48 ° C, must be maintained for 33 minutes in the same. This combat termites and is effective in the departments and small houses.
Holes just the affected area and placed orange oil , which has a low toxicity, although this does not mean they do not fight.
If you can make a barrier around the house so they can not pass the termite and covers it with stones cut evenly.