How To Choose Spring Vases ?

Of course, this style is very classic. Ensuring that where the well will be put. Discrete, elegant. But perhaps you fancy something a touch transgressor to your home decor. If the concept of it is classic, will give a lot of personality.
Of course, you will find lots of options on the market. But we want you to take a look at one of the latest BD Barcelona Design. because this firm has spent 40 years making clear their mark in the world of design. And because since its inception produced designs of artists like Salvador Dalí and Juan Gris.
And wanted to celebrate those first 40 years of the way of design, of course. And the hand of one of the most international Spanish, Jaime Hayon. Han launched an exclusive edition of 40 numbered and the Showtime collection vases hand painted by Hayon. A work of art, available for your home.

Vista Alegre honors

Also very special pieces bearing the title ‘War and Peace’. This is a limited and numbered edition of 500 copies made ​​on ceramic Vista Alegre. With them, the Portuguese firm pays tribute to Brazilian painter Candido Portinari’s 50th anniversary of his death.
For the occasion, the vase was created War and Peace, who plays the eponymous wall that the creator made ​​in 1957 for the lobby of the UN headquarters in New York. At present, the work is in Brazil, where he traveled in 2010 to reform leveraging UN building.