How to care for a rabbit

Water and food for rabbits
You always have to have you one embace where you can drink water and you will never miss. To take good care of a rabbit you have to know what food to give. Hay is what makes up most of the power of a rabbit and you should always have him this kind of affordable food.

You can also give food specially prepared for rabbits as are rabbit pellets, and have him vegetables like spinach, lettuce, chard and turnip greens. Carrots are also highly appreciated by rabbits, but it is not advisable to give them a lot because they have a high sugar content.

Tips to keep your rabbit healthy
Take him for a walk and was in the garden or a park where he can run and exercise a little every day.
The rabbits are very sensitive skin and groom daily, so it is not advisable to bathe very often unless they are very dirty. If so you have to bathe with soap to quickly drink neutral pH to avoid damaging your skin. If your rabbit is having some kind of Paracito on your skin, you better take him to a veterinarian to know when and how to bathe.

When lifting your rabbit with a bra her butt and back legs hand and with the other hand holding his chest and front legs to avoid hurt. Get him toys like little balls with which you can play, a ball common size dog will be fine.