How to Care and Maintain Linoleum ?

Linoleum floors are presented to us in different colors and finishes (striped, marbled, marmolazo, dotted, etc..), Which gives us the ability to choose the one that best fits our environments or decorating ideas.

Because of its composition (cork, linseed oil and resin, among others) is resistant to fire, to the proliferation of bacteria and antistatic. It can be purchased in sheets or tiles, are last are the most recommended for home installation. The application requires specialized personnel sheets.

Most important for every housewife is cleaning is easy.
For daily cleaning of linoleum floor, just need a mop or a damp cloth soaked in warm water with liquid soap on ph. No need to soak the material with a single pass is sufficient.

If over time it has lost something of its natural shine, you can recover by applying a polish or wax specified for this type of floor, and then apply a suede. Under no circumstances should we use varnish.

We can also vacuum the surface to remove all traces of dust.

We should avoid the use of solvents, alkalis, alcohols and alkalies too.

Post. It is desirable to soak the excess joining material using water, as it can penetrate the joints. You just have to wet the cloth, mop or swab with that will be enough for a good cleaning.