How to be a better parent: advice and practical guide

Give emotional support. You must demonstrate and let you know your son your love and support is unconditional and independent of any behavior he may have. He clearly knows he can count on you unconditionally.

Strengthens and stimulates your self-esteem. Teach your child to love and value yourself as it is. Boosts your confidence, highlighting your skills and strengths. Avoid comparisons with other children or adults.

Spend quality time. Spend time with your child and see that this is quality time. Develop activities that both can participate and collaborate, and get involved in their favorite pastimes.

Set limits and good discipline. As a parent you must play your role as a leader, setting clear boundaries of behavior, and defining the consequences of crossing these boundaries.

Always keep your word. If you’ve promised something, stick to it. Whether a reward for good behavior, as a punishment for breaking a rule or inappropriate behavior. This will encourage your child’s trust in you and not reject at any time you say.

Get involved actively in teaching your child. Do not limit yourself to only what they teach you in school. Teach yourself certain things.
Encourage your child positive values ​​such as responsibility, discipline, honesty, and healthy lifestyle, practicing this yourself with your example.