How Summer Affects Them in Your Eyes?

Trips to the mountain
• Summer Dryness own distant sea environments leads to increased tear evaporation, increasing the sensation of dry eye. If this happens continuously, it is essential to see a specialist to analyze the case and give us solutions.

Also at work
• Continued exposure to air conditioning in these hot months drying makes the environment more than normal hurting our eyes. It’s complicated, but the solution would be to avoid continued exposure in these environments and using a humidifier or artificial tears if necessary.
• In addition, working long hours at the computer can cause fatigue or eyestrain. It is located at a convenient distance from the screen, also taking regular short breaks.

• During the summer, the fall of rain produces an increase of suspended particles in the air, creating a charged atmosphere that may cause eye allergies. Therefore, it is important to protect your eyes with sunglasses and see a specialist certified in that you notice symptoms.