How is the protection of the disease glaucoma?

What is it?
It is an irreparable injury of the optic nerve, usually caused by a sharp rise in intraocular pressure causing progressive loss of vision.The progressive deterioration in nerve fibers usually lead to loss of visual field and, in more severe cases, to blindness.In most cases, do not experience any discomfort affected until there is an irreversible visual loss.In this regard, the Institute Varilux stress the importance of regular reviews from 40, to diagnose the disease as soon as possible and to prevent as far as possible any damage caused by glaucoma.The highest incidence of the disease occurs after 40 years: 2.1% to affect people between 50 and 59 years, to 2.3% between 60 and 69; figure rises to 3.5 % in those over 70.

Very useful. Occasion of the celebration today of World Glaucoma Clinic Bavaria organizes open day with Free intraocular pressure measurements in all centers (47 in Spain), in order to detect possible cases and patients As can start before treatment to prevent the development of disease and irreversible vision loss.