How Do You Sleep Deep Sleep ?

2. The routine essential. Seeks to establish a routine time and lie down when you sleep. Ideally, do so between 22 and 1. Important: Do not take long evenings sleep and go to bed more than necessary because insomnia just toll.

3. Get up at the same time. Few exceptions, it is important to get up at the same time every day, including weekends and holidays. When you wake up in the morning do not stay in bed too long.

4. Eye with naps. Limitalas during the day and, if you do it, that is less than twenty minutes. With a nap for more than thirty minutes you run the risk of going into a deep sleep and wake up feeling more tired and dazed.

5. If you replay … Get out of bed! If you reconcile not sleep after 20 minutes of sleep and do you keep tossing and turning in bed, get out of the bedroom and make something quiet. At the time you feel a little sleepy … ¡De vuelta al dormitorio! Back in the bedroom!

6. Sport and restrained study. Practicing intense sport at any time of day is good for health, but for better sleep is better not to play in the three / four hours prior to bedtime. Nor is it advisable to study just when you go to sleep.

7. Beware of excesses. Absolutely avoid heavy meals before bedtime and do always two hours before bedtime. If you take stimulant drinks best done six hours before and the same in terms of alcohol intake.

8. What about smoking? The snuff encourages people tend to smoke more when they are nervous or stressed. So if you want to achieve a restful sleep you should avoid snuff and smoking no cigarettes even if you desveles at midnight.

9. Eye temperature and noise. A room nice and cool at room creates an ideal environment and induces sleep. Avoid extremes of hot / cold and flees from the noise.

10. Just to sleep. Get used to seeing the bed as a place where you go to sleep, not to watch TV, review bills, talk on the phone or work .