How do I know if my fish is sick?

Distension of the body
It is when your fish is swollen torso or body in general and not to be seen as normal.

Wide eyes
It’s when your eyes look bigger with or lost in overview.

Exorbitant Body
It’s when your body is inclined to fish somewhere, either left or right, or if your lower body is down and his head upwards. This can be seen when the fish is static or swimming.

Hits and sudden rubs
As the fish is struck or rubbed his body against an object of your tank as the water filter, marine toys, or soles of your tank.

Lack of appetite
If you notice that your fish has no desire to eat or eat little compared to what you usually eat, it may be some discomfort.

White spots
These appear in the wings, body and cheeks and are usually caused by fungi or improper cleaning of the tank.

Purple gills
When their gills change its natural reddish pink or purple or purple one.

Fluff in the body
These are typically white and are like cotton. If your fish is sick of you may notice somewhere in your body.
Now you can recognize a sick fish . Remember to take good care of your fish you have to take to the vet regularly. If you have a goldfish may also like to know some tips to care for him .