How do I clean stains on the wallpaper

If the wallpaper is washable type the first thing is to make sure that the colors are very stable , maybe passing a wet rag to a point of no wallpaper in sight (maybe behind a cabinet), and if the colors tend to fade not further insist it is evident that to be adopted alternative water to clean the stain from the upholstery.

Dirt or grease stains on the wallpaper
The spots of fat or grease on the upholstery are the most difficult to treat.
market there are many products in spray cans ready for use that can solve our problem. Typically, these products serve precisely to remove stains dry, without the use of water; spraying the product on the stain will be formed, once the product will have had an effect, a powder that must be removed with a soft brush and perfectly clean.

Small spots of various kinds
Small stains on the wallpaper can be removed by making use of trichlorethylene, dabbing the stain with a clean rag to wipe it but avoiding any drawings may fade.

Sketches of fat on wallpaper
Sketches of fat can be removed through a mixture of talc and trichlorethylene, and in this case it is necessary to apply the paste on the stain with a spatula and once the pasta is dried to remove it with a brush.

Stains large
On the spots bigger can help us a ball of putty, it is a kind of very soft rubber which has to be pressed on the spot and the surrounding areas by rotating it using the palm of the hand. The putty should be rotated several times over the stain until it will not be “absorbed”.

As I said, up to now we have talked about spots that were taken “in time”, that is to say, patches of which we noticed right away and we went to deal with when they were still fresh.
For this reason it is important to keep at home some specific product for the cleaning of the wallpaper, just to be able to act promptly in case of necessity.

In the case of vinyl coatings, when the stain is now dried up, strange as it may seem, it may be useful to grease the same spot with a little olive oil and only then try to remove it.