How Do Fruit Diet ?

In the mid-morning snack, eat a piece of fruit full of energy, like an avocado with lemon juice or a banana.

Lunch: Eat a small skinless chicken breast, cooked on the grill with salt and lemon juice with skim mozzarella if you want (and get protein) and for dessert a large grapefruit and a kiwi delicious.

Snack: Nothing like a juicy and tasty apple. It can be fresh or stewed, baked, and unsweetened.

Dinner: Prepare healthy bowl of skimmed milk (or yogurt) with fresh fruit or baked fruit platter, and even a flavorful unsweetened fruit salad.

Warnings fruit diet
Before starting this or any diet, always consult your doctor and nutritionist to know you’re doing something appropriate to the particular characteristics of your body.

Since fruit diet has a minimum calorie is not recommended if you follow sports, or have a working lifestyle or very active. In fact, it should be made for no more than five days, up to twice a year, and accompany it with sports but with mild exercise, like walking.

Finally, you should avoid this diet if you have diseases or conditions, if you are pregnant or terminating any aggressive drug regimen, as your body needs a fuller power at the time.