How Can Decorate the Floors are Carpeted ?

The result is not only of great beauty, but also claimed the importance of art in our lives in a way quite original and unexpected, while very decorative.  Something we had seen last year in a series of signature mats Nodus designed by Samuele Mazza.
It’s ‘Mondrian’, a mini-collection rugs composed of two different sizes, both inspired by the distinctive style of the artist Piet Mondrian: geometric abstraction called neoplasticista.The rugs are hand made in India and it was used for wool and viscose.

new carpete

The signing Jordi Mas have also created a series of rugs from works of art, but for the kids in the house. And the result is really touching. In this case we have reproduced some Armisén Eva works, artist who paints on canvas.
Mas himself: “When I met his work print simplicity of his drawings with direct messages everyday. I felt the urge to play one of his paintings, but not on canvas but on my means of expression, carpets. Thus was born the first of the collection, A Cabecita “.
“Once the carpet, I called and introduced myself to the carpet. She was puzzled, surprised, but very happy. A partir de ahí, nos fuimos viendo hasta que tuvimos la idea de presentar en Casadecor Barcelona, 11 cuadros más con sus respectivos mensajes en formato alfombra de lana y seda”, concluye Jordi Mas. From there, we went looking until we had the idea of ​​presenting in Casadecor Barcelona, ​​11 frames more with their format messages wool and silk rug, “says Jordi Mas.