Good Trip at Istanbul, Monumentality Sultana

Cagaloglu Hammam.

Dinner at Ortaköy (3 h)
In return shipping will be a success landing in Ortaköy, a charming neighborhood full of friendly and well stocked with cafes and restaurants where you stay for dinner or a drink at some of the locals to open their doors last even the morning. If he had not come to the last end of the Bosphorus, because these ferries are like buses, which go up and down at will and take the turn as fancy-might have time to approach the old palace and now luxury hotel Ciragan Palace to take at least a tea, or relatively close to Yildiz Park, on esplanades which stands a couple of historical pavilions, converted into cafes, are also a beauty. Or, as a counterpoint to traditional Istanbul, the shoppers could take a taxi to the fashionable Nisantasi neighborhood, so European and so full of international boutiques and local designers.

Towards Eyüp (5 hours)
This last day will be organized according to the time at which the flight is taken. If you have at least half a day ahead may hilvanarse-long ride because the distances are immense cracking-the Suleymaniye Mosque, built by Sinan, the most famous architect of the Ottoman Empire, to continue to the old church of San Saviour in Chora, which preserves the best mosaics of the Byzantine world, and culminate in the Eyüp Mosque, so sacred that it is there where they lead to bless the children before being circumcised. In its vicinity, an exciting Ottoman cemetery and Café Pierre Loti, from whose terrace watching all the Golden Horn, the tongue of water that limits the heart of this very large city that carefully adorned Byzantine and sultans.

Dolmabache Palace.

Getting around
The Metro network is not very extensive and buses can be complicated to use. For the historical many better shifts them on foot to enjoy the city, and for long distances almost always be more convenient to take a taxi, which are often expensive to deal with will be cracking jams. There are also ferries that operate like buses along the Bosphorus and, less often, by the Golden Horn

Where to stay
As most luxurious hotels include the Ciragan Palace ( in a spectacular palace on the Bosphorus, and also exquisite Four Seasons ( in an old prison in the heart of Sultanahmet. The Pera Palace (, built in 1892 to accommodate travelers from the Orient Express, reopened last year after a major reform, making exquisite choice. Among the hotels most charming boutique in historic Yesil Ev may be chosen ( Pansiyonlari Ayasofya (, Ibrahim Pasha Hotel ( or Amira Hotel ( ), and more beautiful areas away from the busy, the estilosísimo TomTom Suites ( or any of the three The House Hotel (

Where to eat
For a special occasion, the romantic Sarniç ( in a Byzantine cistern near Hagia Sophia, or Asitane (, which recreates the cuisine of the Ottoman palaces. More casual and a terrace with views over Sultanahmet, Omar Restaurant & Café (, and the last, from Japanese Zuma ( of the irresistible Ortaköy area to local building various Nu Pera (, perfect to continue there with a drink among the beautiful people.

The old town, which is over a cup of tea on a terrace or a drink in a quiet place, usually collected early. Istanbul has however surprisingly noctívagas areas. One of the best is located in Ortaköy, where a drink on the banks of the Bosphorus in Multiespacios favorite flower as Queen ( Sortie ( or Anjelique ( tr), and even book a table at the Istanbul Jazz Club ( Also to the last, the local building various Nu Pera ( and many of the bars and pubs to European and Taksim areas Etiler.

They are both really crazy crafts sold in the Grand Bazaar and many shops, traditional carpets and kilims, leather garments, ceramics, copper or onyx, jewelry or silver jewelry and gold under-garments as it more current exhibit showcases as in European areas such as Nisantasi neighborhood. Essential also very lively Istiklal Street.