Good Habits That Depend Health

2. Alcohol consumption should be …
– The less the better.
And nothing in pregnant, of course children, or if you are driving.

3. Physical activity
– Exercise, appropriate to the age and physical condition of each regularly.
– Any account activity, such as climbing stairs instead of the elevator, for example.
He advises a daily hour of exercise at least five days a week.

4. Avoid consumption of snuff and other drugs
Leave to snuff. Its consumption is the most important preventable cause of illness and death in our country.
– Avoid areas contaminated by smoke snuff , and that passive smoking causes various diseases.
– No drug-healthy.

5. Make rational use of medicines
– Always under the supervision of a qualified health and always accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

6. Sexual Health Care
– In this field should not take unnecessary risks.
– If you had any risky behavior, a study should be done.If you suffer from any sexually transmitted disease, avoid spreading it to other people.

7. Do not abuse sunbathing
– Half an hour a day is enough to meet our physiological needs.
– Solar radiation accumulate over a lifetime, so it is critical adequately protected.

8. Driving responsibly
– It is important to refrain from drinking alcohol if you are driving.
– Use a seat belt in cars, motorcycles and bicycles helmets and child seats.
– Do not use your mobile phone when driving.

9. Having a positive outlook on life
– You have to take it easy and avoid stress .
– Try to get enough rest.
– Search for the meaning of life, a passion, a purpose, an illusion that impels us to get up every day.

10. Participate in the community
– Connect with other people, practicing positive self-esteem.
– Try to belong to a community.A good social integration and participation, seeking to have cordial social relations, help us in our mental health.
-Y por supuesto, no dudes en reírte: la risa tiene poder curativo. And of course, feel free to laugh: laughter has healing power.