Give Life to Your Shower Floor ?

Great color and originality
A fun and original way to put a different twist your bathroom, if you have financial possibilities to reform whole, is certainly changing the shower floor with shapes and colors, something that surely will not see anywhere else.

There are several ways to do it, the faster and cheaper is the placement of sheets that stick on the ground and may have many colors, patterns and shapes.
It is also true that, although they are much more accessible, you run the risk of them falling off or wasting away the drawing, which most likely end up with the same look of you talked about at the beginning.

Safe and non-slip materials
So in fact we encourage you to completely change the look of your shower, keeping the tower that holds, with the same design and color, but changing the lower plate, choosing instead one of the original models that offer some brands specializing in decorating bathrooms.

Despite its brightness and colorful, this type of shower is completely safe because it has exerted slip bumps that do not slip and have accidents while enjoying a relaxing shower. Not only are shower trays with original colors or prints, also accounts with the possibility to choose from a variety of geometric shapes that can adapt well with originality to the measurements of your bathroom, in case you do not expect too many yards.

Remember that there are thousands of ideas that can serve to improve when the image of your home, without making too much effort to do so and large economic investments.