Four Seasons in The World’s Most Beautiful Cruising

The northern lights are the most mysterious fireworks display in the sky, a unique multi-colored curtains illuminating the long Arctic nights. Caused by the solar wind and the Earth’s magnetic field, auroras are shown in all its magnificence during the winter months. And there is no better way to appreciate it from the shores of North Cape, giant crab fishing in icy fjords, driving snowmobiles across tundra and a dog team beyond the polar circle.


Among the five itineraries Hurtigruten company proposes to meet the seventh continent aboard modern expedition vessel MS Fram, novelty is included as a night camping in Antarctica, thus recalling the explorer Roald Amundsen who spent many nights under the stars during his expedition to the frozen continent.


From mid-April to late August, The Coastal Express covers some of the most spectacular fjords of Norway, as it crosses the waters of Geiranger, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.


A stop in winter in northern Norway.


The voyage of the Coastal Express that for seven days along the coast of Norway, from Kirkenes to Bergen, lets see ospreys


In Antarctica, Gentoo penguins walking around explorers, Antarctic pigeons peck at his shoes, orcas swim alongside the boat, elephant seals and seals ignore doze a few meters from the boat. And all this happens in secluded beaches at the foot of the glacier, surrounded by mountains and facing uncharted deep blue icebergs.


The boats that cross the Antarctic exploration venture into the narrow Lemaire Channel, profiling icebergs and well known for its natural beauty.

penguins in antarctica

Penguins in Antarctica, the coldest place in the world and the most isolated continent. Humans will never set foot on its shores until 1819, never colonized beaches and never domesticated landscape. There is a wilder or more pure.


Greenland has been home to Inuit for over 5000 years and this culture Hurtigruten about their passengers to experience first hand the reality of life on an island of ice through its three special itineraries for this 2013: Bay Disko, Disko Bay, Greenland and Iceland South, and Spitsbergen, East Greenland and Iceland.


Interior of MS FRAM, the most modern ship of the Hurtigruten fleet. It’s not luxurious cabins, no cinemas, no casinos, no discos, no superfluous services distracting. The atmosphere is always relaxed, casual label and warm and personal


Located beyond the Arctic Circle but relatively close to the major international airport of Greenland, Disko Bay whale watching permits in some of the most beautiful scenery of the island.


King penguins at Fortuna Bay, one of the bays of the island of South Georgia, Antarctica, along with others like Stromness, Grytviken and King Haakon Bay.


The Greenland exploration ship by walking Disko Bay has among its stops the city of Uummannaq, situated in an area of ​​exceptional natural beauty, at the foot of a majestic mountain of 1170 m. tall. Passengers have the opportunity to travel it and know the life of its inhabitants, almost exclusively dedicated to fishing and hunting.


The MS Fram is the most modern ship of the Hurtigruten fleet. Launched in 2007, honors the memory of legendary Fram of the late nineteenth century, on board of which the great polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen made the first crossing of the Arctic Ocean. It has been specially designed to sail in polar areas, with a reinforced hull for ice navigation and in extreme conditions, a level of comfort unknown in vessels of its class, but also with exceptional panoramic spaces visibility.

MS Fram

Hurtigruten offers an unforgettable journey ship MS Fram in the archipelago of Svalbard, the most remote islands of the Arctic Ocean. The route runs through the settlement of Longyearbyen, the scientific basis and Ny Alesund mining station Barentsburg. It also delves into the spectacular fjords and Smeeremburgfjorden Magdalenefjorden; visit the islands and Amseterdam Dansk and sails past the 80 degrees of latitude, for a few days savoring the strange feeling of being closer to the North Pole than any other place.

polar bears

The nature remains intact in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, the kingdom of ice and polar bears, where more than half of its area is covered by glaciers and permanent snow.