fireplaces designs contemporary

As Stonard , prestige brand based in Barcelona specialized in all kinds of fire-related items. It has a wide range of metal chimneys, stoves, fireplaces and inserts for modules of work.
Their latest innovation is the model G450F.  This is a guillotine module q ue has been renovated with the intention of making it more effective, with less carbon monoxide and easier installation. Includes a double diffuser combustion, clean technology and lower hatch glass for emptying the ashes.

With nearly 50 years of experience, and ensures Hergom performs complete production process of its products, including design, casting and finished product. In addition to monitoring the environment is not compromised with their products.
So have specialized in heating with wood products and biomass fuels betting on natural, double combustion system that minimizes emissions of particulate matter into the atmosphere, or wood heating stoves with cleaner burning of world.
Such are, for example, your bets for this 2012. Santorini stove design is made ​​of steel and available in standing or anchored to the wall hanging. Meanwhile, Stilkamin has a lift gate. It is made of steel and its interior is cast iron and firebrick.

fireplaces designs contemporary

The Malaga of Ferlux also aim at making ecological models with maximum performance and minimum power consumption. And in that spirit, over the last 20 years have specialized in fireplaces and pellet stoves.
In his catalog we wanted to point out the chimney model called OPEN 1101. One of its features is that it has dual front, allowing the view of the fire from both sides. It also includes an exclusive double combustion system that allows maximum performance with minimum consumption.

Shape contemporary the modern fireplaces :