Encourage Your Children’s Meals with Silverware Fun

They are made of melanin

More color found in ‘Funny Spoons’, ladles line service Zak! Designs. In this case, the uniqueness comes from their expressive faces of different subjects. They are available in two sizes.
The longest-to 32 cm in length, have three themes: ‘Surprise Spoon’ raspeberry and orange color; ‘Happy Spoon’ in black and white, and finally ‘Cheeky Spoon’ in acid green and red. The smallest – 20 cm – are offered in two themes: ‘Mini Happy Spoon’ in fuchsia, red and green, and ‘Mini Cheeky Spoon’ in black and white.

fork, knife and spoon

But not only live spoons kids in the house. Those looking for a more complete and I go the most serious, will love ‘Appetite’. Food is a game for children, conducted by the prestigious designer jewelry and household objects Helena Rohner, for Georg Jensen Danish firm.
The game features spoon, knife and fork, but also with bowl and cup. This smooth lines, perfect to be handled by the kids in the house. Produced in a polished stainless steel immaculate, ‘Appetite’ has all the sophistication of the work of Spanish designer. So it is a perfect gift for a baby with parents who love design.