Dozen tech gift for Christmas

Google Nexus 7 and Google Nexus 10 : Waiting for the release of the new 8-inch model (Nexus 8), tablet 7 inch Google Android based operating system is a good alternative to iPad Retina Mini at a lower cost .Meanwhile, the Nexus 10 will have to contend with the iPad Air and not have it easy.

Nexus7 and Nexus10Kindle Fire HD : Amazon offers its range of Kindle Fire tablets with its Fire OS, that part of the Android system and add services in ‘the cloud’. It is available in sizes 7 and 8.9 inches. Also available is the Kindle Fire HDX with higher performance and better screen the same size.

Kindle Fire HD

Other interesting models are the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung GALAXY TAB 3 , both the Korean manufacturer. Other manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Lenovo or HP also have interesting proposals within the world of tablets. In addition Microsoft also makes available Surface 2 , which comes as a tablet for my taste but it is still a hybrid with a netbook because of its weight, but includes Office 2013 RT and a physical keyboard series.
Two. Smartphones

The holiday season tends to coincide with the launch of the flagships of the manufacturers. These latest developments connected to other terminals launched in recent months makes it a lot of smart phones available for gifts this Christmas. These are some of the terminals that might interest you:

iPhone 5s : Also known as ‘expensive’ ‘desired’ o. It fanboys and detractors almost equally, though I’m convinced that despite its price will be a Christmas bestseller. And do me a favor, because ye you going to spend the money on a phone with the apple, do this instead of that piece of plastic in the price of gold which is the iPhone 5c.

iphone5sNexus 5 : The phone that is making me seriously consider switching from iOS to Android , thanks to the prices of new handsets from Apple. And this Nexus 5 quality / price ratio (talking about high end), has no competitor among current smartphones.

nexus-5Nokia Lumia 1020 : This smartphone using Windows Phone operating system and has what is probably the best camera mounted on a phone today. With unique technology PureView Nokia 41-megapixel sensor, six exclusive Carl Zeiss lenses, optical image stabilization, and an amazing high-resolution real-zoom.

Nokia Lumia 1020

Other high-end smartphones that can also be interesting are the LG G2 or Sony Xperia Z1 . Within the average range some of the most notable would be the Android Bq , Lumia 525 or Motorola Moto G .
Three. Consoles

While smartphones and tablets are engulfing an important part of video game market, the release of the next generation consoles is always good claim to give at Christmas.

Xbox One : Your biggest asset is Kinect 2.0, designed to control all your devices with voice only. He also used a very similar to ‘Metro’ interface of Windows 8.
PlayStation4 : The ‘Play 4′ will have a tough opponent in the Xbox One, but also will be among the best-selling game consoles this holiday season. His strengths are more social in nature that Xbox One and a starting price of 100 euros less than its rival Microsoft.


PS4 vs Xbox One

These two consoles are quite on par in terms of its technical characteristics , so the decision to buy one or the other would depend on the price, catalog of games to play online features and of course the ‘fanboy’ to one or another saga .

Another option could be Wii U that already has a few months on the market, although it seems that interest in this console has not been the same as with the original Wii, so Nintendo must have been left behind in the fight. For ‘early adopters’ the Ouya based on Android could be a good (and cheap) option.
April. e-Reader

You should be very clear if this gadget is made ​​for you or yours, so you should consider some things before buying an electronic book reader . These are some of the best options today:

Amazon Kindle : The Basic Model Reader Amazon is a great gateway to the world of e-Reader. In addition they also have available the model Kindle Paperwhite available with optional 3G connection. There are other models with equal or even better than the Kindle capabilities, but the backing store of Amazon and its millions of titles available is life insurance.



Sony Reader PRS-T3 : This Sony model is a good alternative to the Kindle and its technical capabilities and format support are even above Amazon readers.

Sony Reader PRS-T3

May. Smartwatches
Given that this technology is still somewhat immature product and failing to go to market awaitediWatch , smart watch model is assumed in which Apple is working, we can get you started with some other model already listed for sale:

Samsung Galaxy Gear : This watch allows you to make and receive calls and receive text or notifications from your favorite applications. It also allows to record photos and video. Some seem to have nominated this smartwatch as the gadget that will sweep this Christmas , but I still think it will be the iPad Mini (primarily the Retina model).



Sony SmartWatch : Android support This watch will keep you discreetly updated and will keep your hands free. A first attempt by Sony, which has announced that it will continue to produce other models smartwatches.

Sony SmartWatch

6. Netbooks

It seems that tablets are gradually replacing laptops in terms of user preferences. In recent years, sales of laptops have suffered a considerable decline in favor of tablets. But if what you want in addition to consuming content is to create them (with the greatest possible comfort and productivity) may be the product of choice an ultraportable.

MacBook Air : I’m the lucky owner of this ultra gorgeous and I can only speak good things about it.Since its aluminum construction, to its nearly 10 hours of battery life, ergonomics when working with it (keyboard and trackpad insurmountable), the speed of your SSD or the new ‘OS Mavericks’ operating system.


MacBook Air

Sony Vaio Pro : The clear alternative to the Macbook Air in the Windows world. A ‘cucumber’ made ​​of carbon fiber that does not have anything to envy in performance to MacBook Air. Matter of taste .. and needs.


Sony Vaio Pro

Other alternatives could be the Acer Chromebook c720p based on ‘the cloud’ and with the operating system Google Chrome OS and even mentioned earlier in the section on tablets, Microsoft Surface .