Dinnerware smooth: perfect for all occasions

The Portuguese of Costa Nova also have more than a collection of its kind. We love ‘Impressions’.In it, the texture of fine stoneware is created by applying a glaze on the edge, using traditional methods. This creates a very unique effect.
It is available in three shades, very soft, white, yellow and blue. What creates a table with a soft sophisticated informality. But that does not mean visual delicacy than a solid dishes, perfect for everyday. Because admits dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer.


The same idea of combining functionality and elegance is the china designed by Conran for Portmeirion Sophie (sold in Montorcier ). The components of this tableware is evidence of his taste for the kitchen designer. In fact, is a writer of cookbooks. But it belongs to a family of designers.
So it was decided to create this dinnerware: “Portmeirion and I share a love and respect for contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship.The beauty, quality and innovation can be felt in every part of our Touch collection. ”
The main body of the collection is made ​​of high quality porcelain. This ensures that the parts are robust and durable.But in addition, each article is designed to be very functional.So they all have to be valid for dishwasher and microwave.