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Bangkok And Magic of Nature

Buddhist temples

Visit Buddhist temples, experience the bustle of Bagkok, diving between corals and tropical fish in the Andaman Sea, receiving a therapeutic massage or to join a traditional dance class … Everything is possible in Thailand. In Thailand the traditional old

Lose Yourself in The Market of Europe’s Largest Medieval

Renaissance Cloth Hall

From contemplate “Lady with an Ermine” by Leonardo da Vinci to take a ‘czarna’ on a terrace in the arcades of the Cloth Hall or take a trip to the Wieliczka salt mines. It is vitally Polish city of Krakow.

Luv and Surprises in Thailand More Unknown

Wat Doi Suthep

A route visiting a training camp of elephants, some of the most impressive Buddhist temples in the country and doing a cruise on the Mekong to get to Laos. Northern Thailand is a completely different experience. It has an unusual

Amsterdam, A Very Navigable


For most visitors to the Netherlands the channels are as typical as windmills, tulips and clogs ruddy peasant. Amsterdam is also an open and tolerant, which combines an attractive modernity with a strong culture. The works of indisputable artistic geniuses

The Most Beautiful Villages in France

village of Castelnau

Some for your site, others possessing architectural treasures, its narrow and steep streets studded with medieval houses, its history or its environment, are the most picturesque. Notes for your next getaway. In every corner of the neighboring country of Provence

Snowy Landscapes, Simply Unforgettable

snowy mountains of Germany

Without realizing it we are in winter and are now snow, cold and ice the protagonists of the landscape. In Europe, from one end to another, the leaves white prints for framing. Bundle up because they want you to stay

From castle to castle by Ireland

Rock of Cashel

They are one of the major hallmarks of the country and are fascinating in their enclave, as impregnable building models, but also to witness legendary battles, shameful secret keepers, home of pirates and ghosts and large memory stone events Irish

Spring A postcard from Holland


If the country of tulips is in the list of your upcoming trips, defer not decide. Begin to imagine watching this gallery so these months has in store for you. It’s time to hop on a bike and start enjoying

Plitvice, Croatia exuberant nature


Where take notice the aim of your camera will have a picture to frame, because the most famous national parks in the country is a real show in green water. Start savor seeing this gallery. From being a large unknown

Hamburg, The Green City

the green Hanseatic city

A green oasis of tranquility in the midst of a vibrant city, and symbol of sustainability. This is the second city in Germany. We reveal in this gallery why this year is also the European Green Capital. A boat trip