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5 ways to reuse water

5 ways to reuse water

We know how important it is not to waste water. Sometimes, though our intention is to take care of, it is impossible to reduce consumption, especially in times when it is very hot. So today we tell you someĀ  ways

How to use a soldering gun

soldering gun

Basically, know how to use a soldering gun is not an exact science, as you all may perceive it to be. This hand tool is difficult, but it is easy to use. Well, there are numerous fields such as electronics

How to make a Christmas tree with balloons


An alternative idea for the original ‘ Christmas tree ? Instead of the classic decorate fir, true or false it may be, you can try to create a Christmas tree balloons . To achieve it you need just the balloons,

How to make floral arrangements stepper

How to make floral arrangements stepper

A beautiful and very decorative way to decorate the different rooms of the house or to decorate a room for a special event, such as weddings, communions, corporate meetings, etc., is by using floral arrangements. These arrangements provide the opportunity

How to Make a Rain Garden ?

Rain Garden

Gather your materials, plan your design, and get to work to create a rain garden, a unique and environmentalist decorative piece for your home, apartment or cottage. What is a rain garden? The rain garden is a great idea to

How to Cure Plants with White Spots ?

Cure Plants with White Spots

There is a kind of white rust attacks plants producing that color stains. We explain what it is and some solutions to cure. How to remove white spots on plants Have you noticed that sometimes small white spots appear on

Some advice’s to maintain and work decorations Terrace

how to decorate your balcony

We tell you what to do to make your plants are the envy of all your neighbors If you are fond of growing plants, you will have no problem getting all the goals you marques in decorating your porch or

How to choose the perfect plant for the home ?

home plants

Want to know which plants are best known for their foliage? One of the most important decorative features of a plant is the appearance of its foliage.Indoor plants are chosen in response to this aspect are always attractive, since it

How to Create Spectacular Pots and Planters?

Spectacular Pots and Planters

We tell you what kind of land you choose, what are the most suitable plants and several tricks that will be very helpful to make your garden look perfect The beauty of the planters, pots and other large containers is

Best Aromatic Plants For Decoration

Aromatic Plants

We tell you which plants are best fit for your home decor In house plants can be grown in any color, shape, size and texture suitable to any style and decor, also becoming an exceptional way to increase your knowledge