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How to Burn Fat with Cardio ?

Gym workout

No magic products to burn fat, the best way is to combine a cardiovascular workout with proper nutrition. The purpose of the cardio One of the reasons which prompt priority the masses to exercise, especially aerobic or cardiovascular, you burn

How to Improve Body Flexibility ?

Body Flexibility

We will not be contortionists, but we will make the attempt, and that muscle stretching brings many benefits. Know the advantages, care and exercises to improve body flexibility. Benefits of being flexible If we talk about flexibility and body stretching,

How To Lose The Belly And Retrieve ?

Recommendations and tips to lose belly, detailing what changes behavior and customs proper to be performed successfully to reach a flatter abdomen. Lose the belly can be very difficult for some people, however you do if you will, perseverance and

The 10 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight Loss

Diet, beyond an effort to reach your ideal weight, it has become a frequent companion of the modern woman throughout her life, from 18 to 65 years old. According to nutrition expert Ruben Bravo Medical Institute and spokesman for European

How to Breathe During Running ?

Outdoor Running Series

The running is a basic physical activity consisting in a constant and continuous movement of not only the feet but the whole body. Among them is also the heart and especially breath. Therefore both beginners and more experienced riders should

How to Do Abdominal Exercises at Home ?

Abdominal Exercises

Instructions 1. Find yourself a mattress lying on the floor and can perform abs: lying face up, legs spread to the hips and bent, feet flat on the floor, hands on the neck, lift the trunk floor height waist. 2.

Useful Exercises During Pregnancy

Preg Exer.

Is it safe exercising during pregnancy? Usually, it is not necessary that limit exercise pregnant, as long as not too much fatigue or perform activities that could injure her or the fetus. While gynecologists allow a woman accustomed to aerobic

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Sport, health and social good The practice of regular physical exercise is undoubtedly an activity recommended for everyone, provided that adequate halle age, physical ability and other conditions limiting the individual. The idea of ​​the benefit that exercise contributes significantly

Sports and age


Exercise is beneficial for all ages. His daily practice improves our quality of life, preventing future illness, both chronic and acute. Of course, to the practice of exercise, and if kept sedentary, there are a number of limitations that must

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  Exercise plays a key role in maintaining health and preventing illness, physical and mental. Regularly practice any physical exercise, improves and enhances overall health and physical fitness and psychological. With these two statements are highlighted the consequences of exercising