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Tips to clean antique

Tips to clean antique

Today I bring you different ways and tips for cleaning antiques. As the materials and textures may be different, I propose several solutions so you can do it yourself without having to resort to a restorer. Tips to clean antique

How to remove Ice from the freezer

Ways to remove ice from the freezer

It is more than necessary to defrost the freezer every so often, not only save electricity but also get more space to store products that require to be frozen, so learn how to remove the ice from the freezer .

How to create video with Santa Claus

How to create video with Santa Claus

The magic of Christmas is felt especially by the children who believe in being small sweet and reassuring figure of Santa Claus in the night between the 24 and 25 December, comes in every home and his magical bag pulls

How to Remove a Stripped Screw

Remove a Stripped Screw

When we met with the head of a special screw is fading and the thread is starting to fade, it’s time to replace the screw. Typically, this task of replacing a screw is pretty mundane and does not require any

Dozen tech gift for Christmas

Come the Christmas gifts and with them (including the autoregalos). The technological gifts cut the lead being the Christmas star campaigns in recent years. Even some toys have displaced within the smaller preferences. Surely you’re going to get some technological

How is the new update of WhatsApp for iPhone

How is the new update of WhatsApp for iPhone

Finally, and after a (too) long wait has come WhatsApp update that not only fits the graph iOS 7 , the new mobile operating system from Apple, but also adds some new características.Vamos to see how the new update of

Tips for washing the car easily

Couple Washing Car

Washing the car can take you a long time if you do not know some tips to wash the car easily . In this issue we share the best advice that you do not wash the car fills an afternoon

How to find my lost mobile phone

KASPERSKY LifeStyle 2009

Okay, I lost my mobile phone, what I can do to find it? The first thing that comes to mind is a friend to call our number to see if we hear the tone for where it is. But you’ve

How to use Gmail to send and receive emails


There are many free email service providers, which are gradually adding to the provider to historians such as hotmail and yahoo. The interesting thing about these services is that, besides being free, they give many Gbytes of space and the