Bring your Lunch to The Office without Losing The Style!


We ended with the Spanish specialists in the field: Valira . Within its many possibilities, which we like is the newest of all the ‘Nomad Take Away.’ Is the most versatile of all because it is flexible.
And it can be in three different ways: over the shoulder, hand and folded in on itself. If you choose the latter, you can take in your gym bag, purse, backpack …
In height enter up to three airtight containers (sold separately), so you can take two or three courses, a bottle, thermos, dessert cutlery etc..

The same firm also has a ‘lunch bag’ especially designed for kids in the house that are forced to bring food from home to school. Nomad Called School and is the perfect case to take to school. It has metallic fabric easy to clean toilet, two airtight containers and includes glass.
Also have them in two different models, both of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Like all Valira Packed holder, the interior is insulated and provides both thermal protection and easy cleaning.