Blossom Chocolate Cheesecakes

Now let’s make the filling, in a bowl begin beating mascarpone with icing sugar and vanilla extract until smooth. Put the gelatin powder in a container with water and wait for fluffy (5 minutes). As we put in a saucepan the cream (whipping cream) (cream) and liquid over medium heat before entering boiling remove from heat and add the gelatin, stir until completely dissolved and let cool completely.

The next step is to mix the cream (whipping cream) (cream) liquid (even at room temperature) cream cheese, until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous.

We took the mold from the refrigerator and fill each chocolate with cream cheese, leaving about 2-3 inches unfilled. We again put the mold in the refrigerator about 45 minutes or until the cheese is curdled. Finally we return to melt chocolate black and cover what we need to get to the top of the mold, back to the fridge until you solidify the chocolate.

Only we would unmold and decorate our chocolates, for it melted milk chocolate, threw little threads on the finished chocolate and decorate with chopped pistachios.