Better Sitting tips for the safety of your eyes

Also to read and write
Experts point out that we must not only have a good visual ergonomics when we are at the computer, but also make sure important fact meet several requirements when reading or writing.

• The table should have a slope of about 20 degrees, so that the body is more relaxed and visual tension is less. If necessary, you can help a lectern and remember that the desk should be in front of a window or an open space.
• No doubt, the lighting is essential for vision care, and it is therefore important to have two lights in the workplace: one from the roof and another that focuses directly on the document directly in the eye never .
• In addition, in light of the table should be on the left in the case of right-handed people, and right in the case of left-handed. And while there is sufficient natural light, and light takes this turn prevents other artificial light source.
• Varilux Institute also advises that the distance between the eyes and the paper is between 30 cm and 40 cm (distance similar to that between the elbow and index finger), and made stops two minutes every 30 minutes study. This short break will prevent an over voltage appears on the eye muscles may produce a temporary myopia.
• And finally, and perhaps difficult to achieve in the case of students, not read or study when you’re too tired to fall asleep or just waking up in the morning, it is best to wait at least an hour if possible .