Avoiding foods that cause bad breath

Of course, leave the alcohol and snuff. These are harmful to health and harmful to your breath.
There they stimulate the production of saliva, for it prevents food from sticking to the palate as nuts, crackers, toast, etc.. To produce saliva, citric acid is perfect. Add in your diet fruits like orange, lemon, tangerine, etc.
Throughout the day, a water consumption adds to this citrus juice and citrus juices increases between your beverage.
Chew sugarless gum and mouth to help generate saliva. This eliminates bacteria from the mouth.

Make several meals during the day. The ideal is to eat small amounts several times, because another cause of bad breath is caused by the production of gastric gases. If we eat frequently, and avoid the production of these gases.

Remember also care food, bad breath can also be caused by any disease, not only oral but stomach, liver, lung and even kidneys. Eating a healthy diet can help, but not enough to avoid foods goes to the doctor for a proper review.