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Symptoms Of Heart Attack

heart attack

When we talk about the symptoms of a heart attack, we must clarify that the experience some of them does not necessarily mean that we will have one, we can only know through a visit to the doctor and it

How To Choose The Good Tennis Racket

tennis racket

It is not  important to buy rackets tennis for its appearance. A good fit is not a matter of aesthetics, or can be taken as reference price ever. It should be noted materials, composition and layout of the racket. Of

Dangerous Of Trampolines

jump trampolines

In a letter published online in the British Medical Journal of June 6, 2009, analyzes the causes of these lesions in 50 children, while having fun jumping on mats or trampolines . The circumstances in which these injuries occurred were:

The Benefits Of Garlic for Cerculation

garlic benefits

Garlic is considered as a universal remedy, used extensively in the fields of natural medicine to treat flu, colds, acne, high cholesterol, used as mosquito repellent and even to treat circulation problems. Several medical studies have shown that the properties

The Great Benefits Of Parsley

Parsley benefits

Parsley was one of the best known species in the Middle Ages throughout Europe, including Scandinavia. People have used parsley for its versatility in food preparation, and vitamins and minerals it possesses. Parsley has even been used in ancient times

Bone And Joint Problems

joint problems

The bones and joints arch the body, protect internal organs and muscles to work with us to move. Good nutrition throughout life is essential for the formation and maintenance of strong bones and regular exercise is a very important factor

Nutritional Needs For Athletes

nutrition for athletes

When exercising need more calories and nutrients. Proper nutrition is not only for growth, maintenance and repair of body tissues, but provides fuel for exercise. Adjusting our food: those who practice sports, the best food can have is like the

The Healthy Budwig Diet

healthy diet

The treatment is called the Budwig diet, and was created by Dr. Johanna Budwig. It consists of a completely natural diet that omits certain ingredients that helps the growth of cancer cells. Proponents say the method really works, even for

Diabetes And Herbal Medicine


Although the use of insulin has been widely considered the favorite remedy for diabetic patients, herbal medicine for diabetes is also proven to be very beneficial. In fact, the results show that native people in some parts of the world

The Importance Of Herbal Medicine

natural medicine

Science is not exclusive of any profession, is a way of seeing the world to produce reproducible results and maximize efficiency and safety. Many people tend to judge alternative phrase calling it medicine outside of science, many people tend to