Best Aromatic Plants For Decoration

These are some of the plants used in the world of decoration so irresistible their fragrances.
1- Tomillo: Se trata de una planta resistente de flores color malva. 1 – Thyme is a hardy plant with mauve flowers.You must go to increase their growth by pruning and place in a sunny location.

2 – Salvia: An evergreen shrub pale purple flowers, and is often used as a condiment. To grow lush leaves, you should prune vigorously in spring. In this regard, you should know that sage requires a dry soil and direct sunlight.

3 – Parsley: it  is a plant used abundantly in the kitchen, and it also represents the kind perfect for placing on a shelf in the kitchen sunny.

4 – Rosemary : it  is an evergreen shrub and one of the most aromatic plants. Its purple flowers are among the favorites of bees. You should keep the plant in a sunny location with well drained compost.

5 – Basil: It is a plant whose leaves expire annually. Undoubtedly, this is an ideal species for kitchens, especially if placed in a sunny spot. Its dense foliage pruning will increase if the tip of the main stem when it reaches about 15 centimeters tall.

So, if you are the type who longs for a house nicely scented and do not want to contaminate your family with unpleasant sprays, there are also natural solutions will equip your home with a touch absolutely unique.