Adventure Between Ice and Polar Bears in the Svalbard Islands

Glass vessel

It has gorgeous sun rooms to enjoy the views in a warm and panoramic gym, jacuzzi and restaurant serving a lavish lunch waits when everyone hears the warning passage awaited meeting with the king of the Arctic, the bear unique maritime polar bear in the world.

All rush to get their outerwear for staking out the broad bow and various covered walkways wait glimpse the largest land predator and one of the most fascinating of the earth. And indeed, not one but two males walk and swim through arctic waters knowing that they are the owners of their habitat, the Arctic archipelago that lies between the 74 ° and 81 ° N across several islands of large proportions and a number of small islands that cut its coastal geography.

A territory inhospitable to human being, however, thanks to the mixture of sea currents of the water has an exceptional wealth of wildlife associated with ocean water, such as seabird colonies, as commercial fish such as salmon or cod, marine mammals such as whales, walruses and seals and, above all, the polar bear.

the polar bear

Bears strode move while his ivory fur sunlight shines for a moment later dive into the water and swim with ease, for they are in a way also common for them. Not surprisingly often wagered on chunks of ice floating in the Arctic sea waiting for their most precious prize seal, which traps when it emerges to breathe.

Knowing how often prove deadly to man an encounter with the polar bear, the watch from the bow of the boat, which is located very close to the shore, is further enhanced by the security it brings. There will be the same in the coming days when the successive landings is sensed that the polar bear may be in those dark waters or walking down that same passage arctic landscape is about to discover on foot.


As exceptional escort the expedition team perfectly trained have a rifle and a pistol with blanks to act quickly in case of a chance encounter at any place or time with a polar bear.

It will be guided and supported by this group of professionals who are knowledgeable of Arctic territory, deployed in advance of the start of the landing, as you discover the beauty cropped Hornsund Fjord spectacular mountains, watching the birds that nest in the two arms of the fjord Bellsund, Bamsebu walking among the hundreds of beluga whale bones of an old whaling station established in 1930. Overwhelmed by the untamed beauty that nature shows in Conway glacier is known geological history of the archipelago watching Fjord rocks or contemplated Liefdefjorden old trappers cabins, like Mushamna.


It will be at midnight on one of those endless days of summer arctic light, having thought that can not be seen a landscape of mountains and beautiful glaciers Raudfjorden after crossing the fjord in the northwest of the archipelago, where the voyage reaches the enclave ‘s northernmost archipelago. Occur across the 80 ° N to the flat spot sandy Moffen Island.

The sun illuminated with warm light of sunset seems as though the clock while it surpassed midnight. Walruses resting on the sand of the Arctic nature reserve, where the landing is not allowed except for scientific purposes, with their movements outside the observer confident and seem oblivious to the silent presence of the MS Fram engines and admired at a time passage as beautiful as only having reached one of the last frontiers of the Arctic.

last frontiers of the Arctic